I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Food At The JUNKYARD CAFÉ

Healthy Food & Drink at The JUNKYARD CAFE

The name perfectly resonates the place once you are at ‘The Junkyard Cafe’. A restaurant-bar in the city’s one of the most chaotic, happening and nightlife place Saket. At the right set of Malls and Multiplexes to blend your complete outing for the day after shopping and movie.

The Junkyard Cafe Saket                                     The Junkyard Cafe Saket


Just at the entrance this is what grabs everyone’s attention and goes very well with the theme this Restaurant has designed with. A Michael aJckson wall art, which is not so common. It is made up of Buttons, Nuts, Bolts and other micro scrap materials.

The Junkyard Cafe Saket

Looking at the today’s lifestyle of societies where there is  no time for suitable diet plans “Junkyard” food is really a boon for all those lovers who love creative, promptly cooked and lip-smacking food. The food is just incredible, and the inventive tactic of plateful is more astounding.


The whole wheat Pasta with Summer Vegetables. It’s perfectly cooked and its speciality it is tossed in Garlic and Olive oil, Hari Bhari Palak Aur Soya Tikki is just one of the lip-smacking appetiser with fried Tikkis of granulated soya and spinach.

IMG_3657                                  IMG_3665


The drinks are mesmerizing expressly fresh fruits concoctions. Gardino is a jumble of Watermelon, Celery, Mint and Beetroot, Minto Plus is a blend of Watermelon, Fresh mint and Kaffir Lime, Root Collage has the texture of Beetroot, Carrot and Vanilla Sugar.

_MG_3666                       IMG_3664

IMG_3688                        IMG_3667

The range of fresh Iced Tea just inimitable, the Basil, Peach, Hibiscus and Bubble Gum and never forget to mention about their Cold Coffee mainly Hazelnut and Butterscotch, you can’t even think of sharing a sip of it with your loved ones.

Main Course:

Perfectly goes with the rest of the menu, Veg as well as Non-Veg main course dishes including Paneer, Mushroom, Green Vegetables, Seasonal Vegetables, Chicken, Fish, Mutton and other dishes to go with the appetite.

_MG_3680                          IMG_3679

IMG_3682                          IMG_3683

Inventive Plateful Tactic

The way of food being served in Junkyard café is surely imaginative that wooden tray designed in Fish cut. The idea is so implausible that would have never been seen before anywhere in restaurants or Café. The staffs are well – systematized so that a visitor can never give a negative feedback for Junkyard ever.

Ambience of Junkyard Café

The milieu is so miraculous that it can turn you with full of pleasure and gratification. Hence once you’ve enter in the Cafe, you would have intellect something unique though the ambience is not that exquisite it’s aloof. Where ever you move your eyes, surely you would have found something fresh and unlike.

_MG_3670                    _MG_3671

IMG_3649                    IMG_3652


IMG_3651                     IMG_3655


IMG_3663                       IMG_3668

IMG_3672                        IMG_3673

IMG_3674                        IMG_3675

The Lighting, sitting arrangements and the entire titivation of Junkyard Café is just entirely different from others. Bartender counter space is made with colourful Drums and lighting bulbs being set on the other side of the trumpets. The best part is that in each and every outlet you will find a portray of a celebrity made with some inimitable stuff. Means largely the theme is very very Ground-breaking.



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